Silent Elephant

by Silent Elephant

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"Silent Elephant" debut EP is out now !

"Silent Elephant" is the first EP from the indie rock band Silent Elephant.

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released November 18, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Boss Hog Studio
Music by Silent Elephant
Words by Mehdi Le Roy / Thomas Barnish
Artwork by Camille Dewaele



all rights reserved


Silent Elephant Paris, France

Un son épais et tranchant, des compositions tantôt raffinées, tantôt explosives, pour obtenir au final un rock alternatif énergique, voilà ce que propose le groupe Silent Elephant. Mehdi (Guitare) Manu (Basse) Thomas (chant) et Hadrien (Batterie)

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Track Name: Lights
Now would be the right time to go
you seem happy but is it so ?
And maybe you'll see a shining glow,
that sooner or later we'll follow.

Where does it go ?
Does anyone know ?

Chorus ;

The ones that will guide you,
the ones you can't see through,
the ones that will seem true
the ones you can't get to
You'll need some in your way,
just allow me to stay.
Should carefully choose,
because blinded, you might loose.

Are you happy with what you've found,
or do you wish you never left ?
What is the last thing that you felt,
when you saw those lights glowing all around.


So where do we go ?.
Track Name: Liar
We know we won't make history,
still we have, something to say.
We just want to make you see
a part we try so hard to play

The one that you wish you became,
this feeling, you're trying to tame .
For you it's more than just a game,
but your stories are never the same

Reflection, in the mirror
not enough, you want more
Memories ,fading to black
it's the time, it will crack.
So you question your reflection.

Hmm, you're so busy for what you have to show,
don't you think, they wanna know ?
Why can't you see they're not so keen on asking ?
So go ahead, keep on talking
Track Name: The Drop
Your turn, you flick the switches
then it's on again
I gave up, hunting for witches
now there's no more pain

I've let it all go, long time ago, you should do so

Chorus :

You're making it all come back
getting me out of the black
put me on top of your stack
You're making it all come back
getting me out of the black
and bringing on the next act

Come on, start by believing
that there's hope again,
You're done, who are you kidding ?
Got boose instead of a brain

I've let it all go, long time ago, you should do so,
Track Name: Dusk
Your head meets the pillow
now that you know, it’s time to go.

Ahead,allow trouble
to take its toll and let it crawl,
feel the hole

How could you stay awake ?
You’ve got a lot of dreams to make (Come true)

You would better keep deep in your mind
that time is not yours to take
Track Name: Seven
You think you can play mind games
well you'd better guess again
try to remember the frames
yeah that will turn you insane


You're putting salt in my wound,
Queen of the seven seas.
Its flowing through a weird sound
couldn't believe my ears
Asking why you have to go
saying « lets be friends »
Waiting for a final blow,
candle burning at both ends

So why would you start to care
about anything else there ?
It's time to wake your mind up,
maybe there's no need stop.
She says please don't bring me down,
don't worry go right ahead (Go Right Ahead !)
Going to another town
you will not bust up your head
Track Name: Levitating Rock
Have no fear embrace it you will feel.
Sight is clear no more ordeal

Inspite of all the boundaries
overcome the white noises
And the time has come again
there’s no way we can refrain
And when its time to let it out
you don’t know what it’s all about

Chorus :

Caught in a landslide
we’ll stand by your side
deep in a quicksand
When you learn to breath
find what lies beneath.
You won’t reach the end

When you think you can just lock
us up underground
It comes to levitating rock
you won’t keep us bound
And then it’s time to let it out
we’ll show you what it’s all about